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Why Dental Implant?

Why Dental Implant?

For dental implants in Turkey, experts use screws similar to the tooth’s root. These artificial roots act and feel identical to natural teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants

The advantages of dental implants in Turkey are that they’re attached to the jawbone, unlike, for example, removable dentures or bridges. A dental implant makes chewing more accessible, and you don’t have to worry about them coming loose; it also stimulates the jawbone more like a natural tooth.

This means that with a dental implant, you can prevent many health problems when you have missing teeth on your teeth. Another significant advantage of dental implants over so-called bridges is that dental implants don’t require you to grind and drill nearby healthy teeth.

Treatment Step

The treatment step for dental implants in Turkey continues as follows:

  • Consultation

The first step in dental implants in Turkey is to have your dentist perform a comprehensive examination, including x-rays, to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate. A solid and healthy jawbone is one of the most significant factors determining whether dental implants are a practical solution. Certain diseases and medications may also increase the risk of complications, so dental implants are unsuitable. In children, you should wait with implants until the jawbone is fully grown to avoid complications.

  • Anesthesia

If you’re determined to be a suitable candidate, your dentist will complete the treatment with you and explain the various steps. The first step is the application of anesthesia for your comfort and pain-free. The doctor performs the anesthesia, and you don’t feel any pain.

  • Implant placement

In this step, the doctor will attach the implant itself, the screw, to your jawbone, where it will act as an artificial root for your new tooth. The dentist does this through a surgical procedure in which the gums and mucous membrane folds to reach the jawbone—a hole drilled into the jawbone where a titanium screw inserts. The number of implants depends on your missing teeth. However, in the case of a completely edentulous maxilla, for example, you may need six implants to achieve a stable result.

The use of titanium screws for implants is because titanium has been shown to work well with the tissues of the body and has a unique ability to grow with the jawbone. This reduces the risk of implant rejection.

  • Final

After the procedure, the doctor allows the implants to grow with the jawbone and tissue. This process takes a different time depending on the implants. But it usually takes a few months to six months. During this time, you receive removable dentures to fill the gaps. Once the dentist evaluates that the implants have grown enough, they will fit your new teeth, usually made of ceramic.

Expert Selection

For dental implants in Turkey, a good expert selection and excellent aftercare dental implants are stable, effective, and usually a lifetime replacement for teeth you have lost.

However, you should be aware that a dental implant is a relatively extensive procedure that takes several months to complete. Therefore, the best way to ensure a good and long-lasting result is to visit an experienced specialist dentist.

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