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Manavgat is the second largest district of Antalya, the capital of tourism in Turkey. It is a wonderful settlement surrounded by the Taurus Mountains to the north. The district, which draws attention with its natural beauties, is very popular abroad with Side Antique City and Manavgat Waterfall. Manavgat, one of Turkey's most important tourism destinations with its 64-kilometer coastline beaches, unique beaches, coves and rivers, will offer you a unique dental tourism experience with many places to visit.

Climate of Manavgat

The climate of Manavgat is Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. Manavgat, which is sunny for about 9 months of the year, has an average annual temperature of 18,7 °C.

Side Antique City

The ancient city, located in Side, the holiday resort of Manavgat, is 6 kilometers away from the town center. Transportation to the ancient city, which is one of the oldest settlements in the region, can be done by private car or Side minibuses.

B.C. The ancient city, which was built in 78, was used as a port city for many years. The city, built by the Romans, is one of the most remarkable destinations among places to visit. It has a magnificent view with its walls and its colonnaded streets. Admission to Side Antique City is free.

You can plan your holiday in Side, which fascinates its visitors with its history and nature, by choosing among the Side Hotels that appeal to every budget and every taste.

Manavgat Waterfull

One of Manavgat’s most popular tourism destinations, Manavgat Waterfall is among the natural beauties of the region. Transportation to the waterfall, which is approximately 4 kilometers from the district center, is made by private vehicles or urban transportation vehicles.

The waterfall, which has become the symbol of Manavgat, is frequently visited by the people of the region. It is indispensable for summer months with its location intertwined with nature, impressive view and coolness. The waterfall, which was formed as a result of the water coming from the Manavgat Stream pouring down from a small height, gained a white appearance with the erosion of the forms where it spilled.

There are many facilities where you can meet your food and beverage needs around the waterfall, where the waters are quite cold. There is an entrance fee to Manavgat Waterfall.

Side Apollon Temple

The temple, which is one of the most important historical buildings of the region, is located in Side, approximately 7 kilometers from the district center.

Access to the temple can be done by private car or Side minibuses. Built in 150 BC, the temple took its name from Apollo, known in mythology as the god of poetry, art and the sun. The temple, which is one of the most visited structures of the region by tourists, is also very suitable for nature walks.

The Corinthian capitals in the building, which has an impressive view with its sea view, have survived to the present day as it was when they were built. Entry to the Temple of Apollo is free.

Side Museum

Side Museum welcomes its visitors in a Roman bath building that has been restored and converted into a museum in the Ancient City of Side. The museum, which was opened in 1962, is the first museum opened in a village in Turkey. Most of the artifacts in the Side Museum are Ord. Prof. Dr. It consists of finds discovered by Arif Müfid Mansel during his excavations in the Ancient City of Side.

Among the exhibited works; Sculptures, sarcophagi, inscriptions, reliefs from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods; There are terracotta, glass and bronze finds and coins.

There are so many historical ruins discovered in and around Side, one of the most important settlements in history, that you should not limit yourself to the closed part of the museum. In the courtyard of the museum, you can also see ornate pieces of ancient structures, statues and sundials, which are one of the oldest ways to learn about time.

Seleukeia Ancient City

The first proposed name of the ancient city, Seleukeia, located in the Şıhlar Village of Manavgat, was put forward based on the sailors’ handbook, Stadiasmus Maris Mayni. However, based on the sanctuary mentioned in an inscription written in Side today, it is believed that Lyrbe, an ancient Pamphylia city with the identity of a mountain city, must be at another point that the Manavgat River can reach.

There are only well-preserved walls to the south of the city, as it is surrounded on three sides by deep cliffs. The monumental gate, which provides the entrance to the city from the south, is located almost in the middle of the city walls. This gate is bounded by two monumental towers. The walls extending to the east and west on both sides of the monumental gate continue until the abyss. It can be a great option for you to visit in your dental tourism.

Selge Ancient City

Selge Ancient City It is 11 km from the Selge Ancient City (Altınkaya Village) turn from the Oluk Köprü location of Köprülü Canyon.This road, which reaches the ancient city by climbing the mountains, has a very special view with special cypress forests, fairy chimneys, human rocks, devil rocks, interesting landforms and oleanders. When you go to Selge from Oluk Köprü, the temperature drops by 10 degrees in summer. The ruins of the city that have survived to the present day consist of walls and an acropolis. Gymnasium, stoa, stadium and basilica ruins have survived to the present day. However, the basic lines of the two temples remained. The strongest structure that has survived to the present day is M.S. It is a restored theater in the 3rd century. There are many ancient structures on the Köprüçay River and on the road route following it. (Kemer Bridge, Böğüm Bridge, Ancient Road, Garrison Buildings, Waterway, Chapel etc.)

Köprülü Canyon National Park

Köprülü Canyon National Park, which is among the popular natural beauties of Manavgat, is 65 kilometers from the center of Manavgat. Transportation to the National Park is made by private vehicles or Bozyaka minibuses.

The national park, where many rafting organizations are held around the world, also has Turkey’s longest canyon. In the region, which gained the status of a national park in 1973, nature sports can also be done easily. One of the important water resources of the region, Köprüçay, can also be visited, and rare creatures such as deer, mountain goats and badger can be observed in the borders of the park.

Admission to Köprülü Canyon National Park, which also includes the ancient city of Selge, where you can take historical tours, is free.

Manavgat River

It is among the few rivers that are fed by one of the longest underground streams in the world and also have a single source (Dumanlı spring; remained in the Oymapınar dam lake). It has two dams on it. Oymapınar and Manavgat dams. Its turquoise green waters are clean and clear, rich in minerals. If you wish, you can swim in these green and cool waters or make small discoveries by canoe. The river is home to many fish and bird species. (With fish such as trout, carp, mullet, sea bass, and blackfish, birds such as waterfowl, ducks, geese, kingfisher, various herons, seagulls and freshwater turtles).

Thanks to the rapidly developing tourism in recent years, the Manavgat river also hosts daily boat tours and domestic and foreign tourists. Although it is not a big river in terms of length, it is one of the rare rivers in Turkey that has a high flow and can be accessed.

In addition, the water of the city of Side in ancient times was supplied from the Manavgat Stream. For this reason, 30 km from today’s Sevinç Village to Side. long aqueduct. This waterway passes through 25 meters high arches. Some of them are carved into the rocks. Some parts are still standing today

Titreyen Lake

Titreyen Lake, which is among the places to visit in Manavgat, is one of the natural beauties of the region. Access to the water source located in the southeast of the district center can be made by private vehicles.

Located in Sorgun town of the district, the lake draws attention with the vibration of the waters on it due to the very light wind due to its location. The lake, which takes its name from this feature, also acts as a barrier for the Manavgat Stream.

Titreyen Lake, which covers an area of 3 thousand square meters in total, also has a great diversity for bird and fish population. The lake, which has many restaurants and recreational facilities around, is among the most popular destinations of the region with its scenery and atmosphere.

Entrance to Titreyen Lake is free of charge.

Oymapınar Lake

Oymapınar Lake, which is among the natural beauties of Antalya, is an impressive spot hidden behind the dam on the Manavgat River.

You should definitely visit Oymapınar Lake if you are preparing a travel list to witness the beauties that you have discovered and seen in your Antalya holiday. You can do boat tours, mountain excursions and rafting in Oymapınar Lake.

There will be many details that will win your admiration on your lake trip where you will have a pleasant time. When you watch the view, you will feel that the sum of those small details creates this view. There are also facilities and picnic areas where you can stay.

Altınbeşik Cave

Transportation to the park, which is approximately 55 kilometers away from Manavgat district center, can be done by private vehicle.

Altınbeşik Cave National Park, which also hosts the Düdensuyu Cave, is located on the western ridge of the Manavgat Valley. There is a 100-meter lake at the entrance of the cave, and a slightly smaller lake at the exit of the building. The 2200-meter part of the cave, which has been accepting visitors since 1995, can be seen.

Entrances to the cave, where archaeological studies are still continuing, can only be made in summer and autumn seasons. The cave, which is filled with water in other months due to the rains in the region, is among the important natural beauties of the region.

There is an entrance fee to Altınbeşik Cave National Park.

Where are the touristic resorts of Manavgat?

  • Çolaklı
  • Evrenseki
  • Ilıca
  • Kızılot
  • Kızılağaç
  • Oymapınar
  • Sarılar
  • Side
  • Taşağıl
  • Gündoğdu

What events can I attend?

  • Rafting
  • Boat tour
  • Camp
  • Scuba Diving
  • Canyon Walk
  • Safari
  • Trekking