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New Implant Technology – Guide System

Special Implant Technology: Guide System

Along with the studies, new techniques and methods have been developed for dental implant treatments.

Guide System; the 3-D tomographic image from the patient is examined and the guide plate is prepared so that the implants on the jaw bone can be placed at the ideal location, the most suitable height, width and angle. With these records, implants are placed without surgical surgery. Thanks to this technology post-procedure edema and pain is kept to a minimum level and also there is no need for stitches like in classical treatment.


In addition, as Magical Dental Center, we offer the best results to our patients by using the highest quality implant brands. In this way, we provide long-lasting and comfortable use.


As a result, as Magical Dental Clinic, we guarantee that there are very few risks and problems waiting for our patients thanks to the implant applications to be made with the guide system. The quality and durability of our implants will also keep you comfortable for many years to come.