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In Just 1 Day Implant

Along with the studies, new techniques and methods have been developed for dental implant treatments. Classical implant treatments take approximately 6 – 18 months with recovery times. However, thanks to the new technologies and techniques used in our clinic, Dental Implant Treatment can be performed in 24 hours. Computer aided 3D imaging and scanning technologies are used. Implant positions are planned where the patient’s bone structure is most suitable, and the appropriate guides are prepared for this planning and non-surgical (painless, bleeding and suture-free) implant application is performed. After the implant application, implant-supported prostheses can be made immediately without the need to wait for any recovery period.

While classical dental implant treatment lasts for an average of 6 – 18 months, we provide you with time savings with our specialist physicians and advanced technology in the field of Implant Treatment in 24 hours in our clinic. If your oral health and dental condition are suitable, you can have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in 24 hours.

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