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Magical Dental Center is an expert in the field of Manavgat dental implants. The clinic uses the most effective methods for dental implants.

We Solve Your Dental Problems Quickly and Cheaply

At Magical Dental Center, we solve your dental problems quickly and cheaply. You can save up to 70% compared to dentist prices in Turkey. Whether you want dental implants, crowns, bridges, or prostheses, we ensure you get the best service as a dental tourist.

You can find out why the service and quality of Magical Dental Center are rated as excellent by reading the comments of our previous patients about us. We understand the uncertainty you may feel about leaving and possessing. You come to a dental clinic you haven’t been to for Manavgat dental implants. But you aren’t alone! We will always be with you to give you the support you need.

Manavgat Dental Implants Antalya

Dental Implant in Manavgat

A dental implant in Manavgat is an artificial tooth root made of metal, placed in the jawbone where a natural tooth was previously seated.

On your first dental trip to Manavgat, our dentists will place your dental implant and give you a unique smile. An advantage of dental implant treatment is that it doesn’t involve other teeth, such as a traditional three-joint bridge requiring adjacent teeth grinding. A finished dental implant functions like the tooth that was there before, with completely normal chewing function and appearance.

We’d rather have a few happy and satisfied customers who don’t think they’re paying too much. We’ve increased the number of implants we make, optimized workflows, and cut costly interconnections regarding materials. We can transfer this accumulation to our patients. Therefore, we can offer lower dental implant prices than clinics that provide Manavgat dental implants without sacrificing quality.

Unlike clinics that offer Manavgat dental implants, we determine the price of dental implants to be very affordable. Also, other clinics quote prices, often without the dental crown and the necessary anesthesia or X-rays following the implant procedure. Magical Dental Center includes everything in the prices. Therefore, when you choose us, you know in advance what you can expect from the cost of your dental implants.

Advanced Dental Implant

At Magical Dental Center, we make the advanced dental implant you want. Usually, the dentist takes an impression and sends it to the laboratory. Then the specialists produce the desired dental implant. Our clinic can also make dental implants based on a digital measurements.

A dental implant can use for a crown, a bridge, a partial denture, or a complete denture. It requires solid implants that can last for many years. Therefore, the basis of our dental work is knowledge and experience. The combination creates a professional basis for optimally solving implant tasks.

We attach great importance to global knowledge sharing and broad collaboration so that we can continuously develop new digital and technical solutions in the dental implant field in general. At the same time, we emphasize that we must have a high level of delivery reliability.

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