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Is Dental Implant Risky?

Is Dental Implant Risky?

Dental implants in Turkey don’t carry any risk. These implants will replace your natural teeth and restore your self-confidence.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a tooth replacement consisting of two parts, a screw drilled into the jawbone and the tooth itself, which inserts into the screw.

The job of the screw is to replace the tooth’s root as it needs to be implanted into the bone and then healed. This process takes about six months. However, after these six months, a thread or a bridge is attached to the screw.

Suitable Candidates for Treatment

Although suitable candidates for treatment cover the majority, dental implants in Turkey aren’t designed for every patient. There are general medical contraindications for which implantation would be very high risk, such as severe untreated diabetes, cancer therapy, and metabolic diseases; therefore, we don’t recommend it.

However, implants should not be performed even in a healthy patient with zero attention to oral health, where the doctor can assume that the patient will not adequately clean the implants and teeth. The possibility of implantation determines during the initial consultation and subsequent comprehensive entrance examination.

However, most patients with relative contraindications can be prepared in advance for dental implants in Turkey, and then even treatment is possible for them with minimal risk.

Implant Life

If properly cared for, implant life will last many years in many cases. However, this largely depends on patient cooperation and hygiene.

Regular check-ups by experts and standard control X-ray examinations are necessary so dentists can promptly detect any changes in the bone structure around the implant.

Implant Care

Implant care is the most critical factor in long-term functioning and perfect hygiene requirements for the patient. The danger represents by the dental microbial coating, which settles on the surface of the prosthetic and works fixed on the implants.

There is a risk of gingivitis near the implants, as with your teeth, this problem can damage bone tissue. As for teeth, we’re talking about periodontitis. To prevent such situations, you need to go to regular check-ups and be under the constant supervision of a dentist. The dentist will give the necessary care tips for dental implants in Turkey.

Appropriate Implant Selection

Appropriate implant selection is of great importance for dental implant treatment in Turkey. This is basically a hypothetical problem because you’re picking and buying something that you don’t really understand much about. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the recommendations of the doctor, who will evaluate the amount and quality of the bone and recommend the appropriate implant selection for the given place.

It should also be a rule that the doctor offers you several price options for treatment from different implant systems. Most doctors provide at least two types of implants (one cheaper and the other more expensive). In addition, specialist clinics can offer you a choice from a wide variety of systems, depending on the quality of your bone and the financial resources you want to invest.

Dental implant clinics in Turkey generally offer various implant systems and are constantly adding to their offerings.

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