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Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

You can repair missing teeth with dental implants in Turkey. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that replaces missing teeth.

Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants in Turkey

Ideal candidates for dental implants in Turkey are those with sufficient bone density. It is impossible to generalize exactly whether the dentist recommends an implant for you. The dentist constantly assesses the condition of the teeth and the bone around the future implant.

But there are cases when the dentist cannot even confirm the implant. This applies if you’re in a different situation, smoke, don’t follow the principles of oral hygiene, suffer from periodontitis, or have a bone tissue deficiency. Even in adolescents, implanting and placing a lost tooth is impossible.

Duties of a Dental Implant

The duties of a dental implant are essentially the same as natural teeth. The implant is a part of the structure that imitates the tooth’s root and hides in the bone. This implant has a threaded cavity into which the implant superstructure, called the abutment, is screwed. The abutment thus imitates the part of the tooth above the gingiva, and the crown adapts to it.

The crown on the implant can be either a temporary plastic or a permanent ceramic (usually made from several layers of hard ceramic). Replacing a tooth with an implant, therefore, consists of three parts:

  • Implant
  • Basis
  • Crown

Treatment Steps

In general, dental implant treatment steps in Turkey consist of:

  • Consultation

Before the treatment, the dentist clearly explains the patient’s expectations, risks, complications, and types. During the consultation, the patient can ask all questions to the doctor.

  • Anesthesia

Implant treatment isn’t a great success in terms of surgery. It can perform directly in a regular dental chair in the doctor’s office. The application of local anesthesia ensures that the procedure is painless. You can supplement it with sedatives given shortly before the procedure.

  • Determination of the implant location

In the next step, the dentist slightly bends the gum and determines the required location for the implant. The doctor then uses precisely calibrated instruments to create a bed in the bone that exactly matches the size and shape of the implant.

  • Implant placement

In this step, the doctor applies an implant to the bed. Then the specialist sutures the wound hermetically. Thus, the implant remains wholly hidden in the bone. Finally, the dentist screws a healing roller into the implant. This then protrudes from the gums into the patient’s mouth.

Dental Implant Costs

Dental implant costs in Turkey vary completely according to many factors. For example, factors such as implant brand, the complexity of the procedure, materials, anesthesia, dentist’s experience, and location directly change dental implant prices. However, the costs are still much cheaper than in many countries.

Prices are expensive compared to other dental treatments. But it’s worth it. For example, while dental implants in Turkey is generally valid for the rest of your life, the dental bridge will need to be rebuilt over time (and maybe not just once), which always adds to costs. Therefore, even though you won’t have to endure repeated unpleasant experiences at the dentist, a dental implant is the most economically advantageous solution in the long run.

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